You can find an old car on the internet. Many people find it an advantage that no computer techniques are used. You can still repair everything by hand. It is also a piece of nostalgia that you really have to love. You can find the best cars on special fairs which are organized for this purpose. Also local dealers often know nice addresses. Often people who once bought the car for their collection but can't keep up with it are the ones who get rid of it. You can also find a lot of these cars across borders.

What's an old car?

An old car is defined as a car older than 25 years. But for a black license plate, the car even has to be 40 years old. You probably remember the ducklings from the past. These were really cool cars that we still want to drive today. That is why you can get this experience in several cities in the Netherlands. You can feel it when you go over a roundabout. You hang in the curve. Ofcourse there are a lot of fairs and events where you can admire these and other cars. But you can also go there with your oldtimer. The conversations you have with the people there are unforgettable.

The advantages

Having an old car has many advantages. When it's older than 40 years it makes a huge difference in costs. You will notice that the insurance will cost less. But you will also benefit from the tax authorities. Besides that it is a driving experience that you really need to know. But if you know it then there is nothing better to find than these autos. Also the value will become more with the years. This is because the scarcity of these autos is only increasing. Many people unfortunately bring it to the scrapyard. And because of this there are not enough old cars to find. But that is to your advantage. Of course there is also nostalgic value to it.

The value of an old car

The value of an old car is assessed on a number of points. First of all, this starts with how many of these cars are still around. The less there are the more people want this car. This creates scarcity and a higher selling price. The condition of the car is also important in determining the value. It also provides a tax break for the buyer. This of course also makes the price go up a bit. Besides that you also have that people want to show it off. Therefore you can often get something extra out of it. You will also notice that you will have more and more conversations on the street. Many people are interested in the classic cars.

What can you do with an old car?

An old car gives you an experience you can't find anywhere else. So it is a unique object that you have in your hands. Also, the car still has character because of the old interior. This of course adds to the experience. But besides that you can also show it off to your friends and family. Besides that, working on the car is easy. You need good technical skills. And no more modern computers. While driving you feel like a king. This is because you can feel every curve and speed in these models. Besides that you can also show this car on fairs and events. These are organized with some regularity. In short, enough possibilities!


An old car is more than just an object. It is mainly the experience that counts. It's how you feel when you're cornering. But sometimes there can also be an emotional value to the car. For example, it's the memories of how your grandfather or grandmother took you away with this car that people keep it for. They even do this with the royal family with the famous beach car. Besides that you also have a lot of financial benefit from this. You pay little or no premium for insurance. And of course the same goes for the tax authorities. However you do pay more for the fuel. These cars drink more.


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