The Microsoft Surface computer is available in different variants, for example, you have the laptop go that you can easily take with you. The handy size fits even in a normal backpack. But in addition, he works super fast and you can also type quickly. The latest model of the GO is even more compact with a 10.5 inch. Often you can also buy a matching pen with which you can operate it easily. For people who like a bigger screen, the Surface Book is better suited. It is available in both 13 and 15 inches. Ideal for watching a video or movie. The surface pro is again for those who want a touchscreen on the laptop. It is available in sizes from 10.5 inch to 15 inch with the best materials included.

Who is Microsoft Surface suitable for?

The Microsoft Surface computer is widely used by companies. Companies prefer this because it also allows them to run most apps on this computer. Worldwide, more than 50% of companies use Microsoft Teams. This is installed by default on most models. They are also durable devices that do not break down easily. They have a good sturdiness and Microsoft also thinks about the protection of the laptop. The handy size makes it easy to take to the customer. With the built-in LED light you can also give good presentations. But also the latest state of affairs can be discussed with the customer.

The advantages

The Microsoft Surface is equipped with Microsoft Windows 10. This is the most popular operating system in the world. But it is also easy to understand for people who do not work much with computers. You use tiles and recognizable logos. So you can open your favorite apps in no time. But also the computer is in most cases within 10 seconds started. This was the reason for the name Windows 10. In addition, most are very fast so you can work faster. The latest video cards and processors can be found in the latest models. You can also use the touchscreen in combination with a stylus pen. This makes it even easier to switch quickly.

What makes a Microsoft Surface unique?

The unique thing about Microsoft Surface is that almost all models can be transformed into a full-fledged laptop. Many of the variants have a removable screen. This way you can easily show something to your colleague without turning the screen. But it's also easy to take it with you wherever you go. Of course, when you are writing a report you put it back in its docking station. The touchscreen provides you with even more convenience. You can switch between apps with one touch of the screen. Because of the good processor you will notice little of the time this takes. They're also very solid and strongly built.

What are the capabilities of Microsoft Surface?

There are many possibilities when you choose a Microsoft Surface computer or tablet. You can choose to purchase only a tablet. The same goes for a laptop. But the nice thing is that you can buy a very strong and powerful docking station with keyboard for the tablet. This makes it a real laptop and it will feel like one. There are also 2 in 1 laptops of which you can easily detach the screen. So you can use it during the day for work. But in the evening you can enjoy watching a movie on it or browse the news. Most models also have a powerful processor. This ensures that apps respond quickly and also switch between tasks.

Where can you buy it?

The Microsoft Surface is available in almost every computer store. But you can also order it via the internet directly from the factory. You can also order it from the big electronics stores. So you can buy it almost everywhere. But it is always wise to go to the store. Here you can try it and feel what we mean. Besides that you can check the internet for experiences of others. This can help you in your search for the perfect laptop. After all, you don't want to make a bad purchase. You can also see what people think of the extensions that are possible. In short, there is enough information to delve into.

How does a Microsoft Surface work?

A Microsoft Surface laptop actually works exactly the same as a Windows laptop. The only difference is that the Surface has a powerful and solid touchscreen. You can operate it with your hands as well as with the included stylus pen. These laptops also allow you to travel a long way from home without having to worry about the battery dying. Most models have a strong built-in battery that will last you a long time. Besides that they are also well and solidly built. Damage is really minimized but you do have to pay for it. Your favorite apps are also standard on these laptops. This way you don't have to install everything anymore, which you often have to do with a Windows laptop.

What are the different models of Microsoft Surface?

There are several models available of the Microsoft Surface laptop. But the most popular is the Ultra Pro series. This is because it is incredibly versatile and ultra-light so you can take it anywhere. It also has a good processor so you can enjoy top performance. The new Surface laptop 4 is again equipped with everything you need in terms of technology. This makes everything work a few more milliseconds faster and you can enjoy using it even better. You also have the GO variants that are a bit smaller in size. These you can just about put in your pocket but in the backpack. People often take these with them on work trips. So you always have all the necessary files at hand.

How best to use it

You can easily use the Microsoft Surface laptop just like any other laptop. With a push of a button, it starts up within 10 seconds. Then you can sign in with your Microsoft account. This way you also have access to passwords and logins that were stored on an old computer. Use Onedrive to access your files from any location. For companies, this laptop is also a real must. We've already installed Microsoft Teams for you. In addition, they are compact enough to also work outside the office. This way you have all information at hand at the client. This will save you a lot of time and money.

What makes Microsoft Surface special

The Microsoft Surface is a unique model in the laptop world. This is partly due to the touchscreen they use. This has a high sensitivity which makes operating a piece of cake. You can also do this with a stylus pen. Besides that these laptops are made of strong materials. Of course you should not drop it on a stone floor. But in most cases it can take a knock. In addition, the latest techniques are always implemented. They are available with both an Intel and an AMD processor. This is because Intel specializes in the good computing power and AMD again in the graphics area. And a good world player uses of course both variants. So you can serve a wide audience.

Microsoft Surface for Business

The Microsoft Surface is widely used by businesses. The handy size ensures that you can take it anywhere. But they also have the latest technologies. This allows you to communicate faster and better with companies and customers. For example, you can often send files to the customer via Bluetooth. But in addition, most models also have a fast WIFI module. This ensures that you have lightning fast internet on the laptop. But they also form a solid base so that damages do not or hardly occur. And of course they come with the ever popular Windows 10. So you can access your files from anywhere by logging in with your Microsoft account.

The advantages for companies

Most companies are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of a Microsoft Surface laptop. You can choose the perfect model for every employee. This is because they are available in sizes from 10.5 inches. Everyone has a different preference when using these devices. You can take advantage of this so everyone can work nice and fast. In addition, the performance is unprecedented. Especially when we look at the processing power of Microsoft we hear many positive signs.

Microsoft Surface Summary

The Microsoft Surface laptop is of unprecedented quality. It is also made in a timeless design. This is also very sturdy which makes you less likely to suffer from dents and scratches. The choice is huge and everyone can find their perfect laptop. Do you want a solid but good laptop then you have the standard Surface models and the GO models. Do you want a fast laptop then you come to the Pro and Ultra Pro. These are also equipped with the latest technology. Windows 10 is also installed on these laptops. This ensures that you can log in anywhere with your Microsoft account and have your data at hand. What more could you ask for?


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