Nowadays it is becoming more and more popular to use lime paint on the walls. Many people find this very beautiful. This is because it has a kind of matte finish. This gives your home a different feeling than the standard latex or wall paint. This allows you to get a warmer and more atmospheric wall. 

What is chalk paint?

Now you will first wonder what lime paint is exactly. This is easy to explain. Lime paint is a combination of lime and water. If you mix this in a certain way you can get a nice breathing paint. It is a natural paint that gives a kind of concrete effect on the wall when it is dry. 

Lime paint can be used on the wall because it is a kind of breathing paint. It is a simple wall paint that consists of lime, water and natural pigments. This also makes it an environmentally friendly type of paint. Not only is the production environmentally friendly, but it also does not produce any crazy waste products that are bad for the environment. 

At the moment you have used lime paint on the wall you get a kind of concrete effect. The more the color speaks, the better the concrete effect on the wall. During the application of the paint you will already encounter different nuances of colors. This can make a wall a real eye-catcher. 

When using lime paint, you first have to apply a primer. You can then apply the lime paint on top of this. This way you get the best concrete effect on the wall. It is important to not apply the paint neatly. This will ensure that you get an even wall. That is something you do not want. 

Many people confuse lime paint with chalk paint. However, there is a world of difference. Chalk paint provides a softer and velvety appearance. It is also often a uniform paint which you apply evenly. However, they are made using the same type of pigment. 

Advantages of lime paint

There are a number of different advantages to using lime paint compared to using other types of paint. This is because it is a special kind of paint. 

Environmentally friendly

One of the main advantages of lime paint is that it is environmentally friendly. This is because the paint is made of only natural ingredients. This means that no harmful substances are processed in it. 

The ingredients of lime paint are a combination of lime and water. A natural pigment can be added to this for the colour. The more pigment added, the more pronounced the colour. 

Natural moisture and mould resistant

The last thing you want with a freshly painted wall is for it to get damp or mouldy. This is because you have to clean it and then you can start painting again. Of course you don't want that. This is why it can be useful to go for a paint that repels water and mould. 

Lime paint is very suitable for this. This is because a small layer of this can ensure that there is no more mold or moisture can pull the wall. This way you ensure that your house can remain in good condition. Moisture or mold in walls can cause a whole house to be destroyed from the inside. Also power cables and the like can be affected by this. 


Lime paint also offers a kind of safety for yourself. This is because lime paint is fire retardant. Chalk paint is a type of paint that does not burn. This ensures that if a fire breaks out in your home you can quickly find out about it and extinguish it. 

If the fire starts in a room with lime paint, it will not quickly spread to the other rooms. Because the lime paint cannot be burned, it will take much longer for the flames to spread to the next room. This way, you can still save your home if a fire breaks out. 

Disadvantages of lime paint

Lime paint also has a number of disadvantages compared to normal paint. This is because it is not equally practical to apply in every situation. You do need to take this into account. 

Not very forgiving

Lime paint is not very forgiving. This is because it is difficult to redo once it is on. If you have made a few mistakes when painting the wall, you cannot simply correct them. If you want to do that, you have to repaint the whole wall. And of course you don't want to do that. 

It is also difficult to repaint with normal paint after it has been applied. This is because lime paint is a completely different type of paint and also creates a different type of surface. This is why normal paint does not work as well over lime paint. 


A wall painted with lime paint also quickly becomes dirty. Lime paint namely breathes very well. This is an advantage in order to counteract water and fungal damage. However it does ensure that dirt and dust easily remains in the chalk paint. 

Lime paint looks nice, but because it can get dirty so quickly, it is important to clean the wall regularly. If you do not do this, all the dirt can accumulate. And of course you don't want that. 

Difficult to find

Lime paint is often harder to find than normal paint. Because it is sometimes difficult to apply and quite expensive, there are not many people who buy this paint. This is why it is hard to find. 

If you have found a chalk paint somewhere it is doubtful whether they have the colour you are looking for. This is because lime paint is only produced in a certain number of colors. For this reason you will often have to search a bit for where exactly you want to buy your lime paint. 

Online is often a good option for this. If you look on webshops, you are more likely to find the color you are looking for. However, you will not have seen the color in real life. This often means that it can turn out differently than you actually wanted. 

Available colors

There are a number of different colors of lime paint that are usually available. These are usually light colors that come with a sort of gray tone. If you like this, it is of course very nice to use this paint. However, you have to take this into account. 

Lime is the basis of lime paint. The colour of lime is a light grey. This ensures that the colors in the paint often become a lot lighter. Because it is a special kind of paint there are different shades which appear in the paint when you apply it. This is of course very nice to see. 

Ways to buy lime paint

There are a number of different ways in which you can buy lime paint. This is because lime paint comes in many different colours and mixes. To buy the right kind of chalk paint it is best to go to a paint specialist. This way you are sure that you have the right paint that you are looking for. 

First of all it is possible to buy lime paint that has already been mixed for you. This is ideal if you don't feel like mixing the paint yourself. It also means you immediately know what color the paint is. 

You can also choose the paint in powder form. You can then add water yourself. If you buy it that way, the pigment is often added separately. This ensures that you can determine how much pigment you would like to have in it. In this way you can also determine the colour yourself. This is of course very handy if you are not sure how dark you want the colour in the paint to be. 

Lime paint styles

Now of course the question is in what way you can best style the lime paint. This is because lime paint does need to match the right style. It is possible to apply it in different ways. 

First of all it is important to choose the right interior for the chalk paint. If you have a somewhat industrial interior, it is of course always nice to use lime paint. The concrete-like look fits very well with this. A chalk paint wall is very nice to have here. 

Also in the bathroom it is often a great success to use lime paint. A bathroom often looks very good when you use a concrete-like look. Because lime paint is a moisture resistant paint, it is an ideal paint to use in the bathroom. If you don't like tiles in the bathroom a lot, then you can use lime paint as a good option for this. 

The term lime mat is also common when talking about lime paint styles. Many people think that this is a type of paint. However, this is not the case. Lime matt is in fact the effect that lime paint gives when it is applied to a wall. Lime paint gives a bit of a concrete and matte impression on a wall. This of course looks very nice to use in different types of decorations. 


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